The last few weeks have been pretty full but I'm finally starting to catch up on the world again - Inbox not zero, but nearly there, Google Reader down to a measly few thousand articles, bills paid, letters written, chickens roasted. Uh. Anyway.

Mathie is interested in my history. Here it is.

My iMac, where I do the development for such things as my Ruby Jabber thingy.

  108	cd 
   69	ls 
   46	ssh 
   31	ruby 
   28	./jabber.rb
   22	tail 
   20	svn 
   19	find 
   19	dig 
   18	cap

As you can see, a lot of it is looking at logs, running Ruby scripts or deploying applications.

The server that I've most recently been working on.

  181	sudo 
   82	ls 
   52	tail 
   39	cd 
   33	ps 
   16	cat 
   13	god 
   11	top 
   10	nano 
    8	nohup

It seems that mainly here I run stuff as root using sudo and examine logs and processes.

Those two machines aren't hugely exciting, and unfortunately I can't show my work laptop because that would (a) require me to hunt down my backpack and power up the computer, and (b) provide meaningful results that I'm not sure I can share.

John and Tim, what dark secrets lurk in your histories?

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