I thought it might be cool to have a control interface that you could talk to using IM, something like the IM client for Twitter.

Initially I was looking at XMPP4R but a little reading pointed out that there's a gem called XMPP4R-Simple. Well, simple is always good so one gem install and 45 minutes later I had a Ruby script that could log in to an XMPP server, listen to (and log) what people said, and respond with a simple message.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'rubygems'
require 'xmpp4r-simple'

logfile = File.join('..', 'log', "#{File.basename(__FILE__)}.log")
logger = Hodel3000CompliantLogger.new(logfile)

jabber = Jabber::Simple.new "username@domain.com", "password"
sleep 1
jabber.status(:away, "No one here but us mice.")
sleep 1

jabber.deliver("craig@xeriom.net", "I woke up at #{Time.now}.")

loop do  
    jabber.received_messages do |msg|
      jid = msg.from.strip.to_s
      logger.info "%s said: %s" % [ jid, msg.body ]
      jabber.add(jid) if !jabber.subscribed_to?(jid)
      jabber.deliver(jid, "Nom nom nom.")

    jabber.presence_updates do |update|
      jid, status, message = *update
      logger.info "#{jid} is #{status} (#{message})"

    jabber.new_subscriptions do |friend, presence|
      logger.info "#{friend.jid} #{presence.type}"
      jabber.add(friend.jid) if !jabber.subscribed_to?(friend.jid)
  rescue Exception => e
    logger.error e.to_s
  sleep 1

Our own little pet XMPP client. How cute is that?

Quit yo jibba jabba, sucka!

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