I've been failed once again by Home Delivery Network Limited pretending to deliver my Amazon order. I'm getting a bit fed up of it, and I'm not the only one.

I've tried calling both numbers on the HDNL contact us page. Both require that I have a delivery number, which is written on the card that the driver leaves when they attempt delivery. There's been no delivery attempt so I don't have a card or a delivery number. Very helpful.

I tried talking to Amazon support, who were very apologetic and tried to call HDNL on my behalf. They couldn't get in touch with anyone at Home Delivery Network, and they say that they can't see a delivery number on the delivery system which strongly suggests the driver didn't leave a card - correct! After my complaining about this happening more than once they've added a query to the delivery system to request that HDNL find out what happened and contact me. I don't hold out much hope that anything beyond "we attempted delivery, we couldn't access the property" will come out of that.

Hitting up Google I discovered the number for the Home Delivery Network depot at New Cross Gate, where my package set out from and was returned to after the no-show faux delivery. It's listed at Say No To 0870 (search for "Home Delivery Network") as 020 7635 8094, in case anyone else needs it. Other depots are listed there too. The chap on the other end didn't seem to surprised when I told him the driver didn't turn up, told me that I couldn't come down to pick it up (the depot is 10 minutes bus journey from my flat) because it'd be mixed in with all the other parcels by now, and that my best bet to get my parcel was to wait in on Monday to get it. To complain I have to call one of the original two contact us numbers I tried and wait - being charged a small fortune - until an operator eventually picks up.

One week ago I signed up for Amazon Prime, thinking that I'd get a decent delivery service for my £49/year. The package was ordered for next day delivery. Does it seem to you that I'm getting value for money? Shouldn't I be able to trust that my deliveries will actually be attempted on the day that the courier says they will be?

I want to see one of two things added to my Amazon delivery options:

  1. Do not use Home Delivery Network for any of my deliveries (I'll pay more!), or
  2. Home Delivery Network suck at the last-mile problem, send it to the depot and I'll pick it up (I'll pay less!)

Please Amazon, give me some way to avoid this terrible delivery company.

Update: Monday 14th March

When I called on Saturday, both Amazon and HDNL told me to wait in my flat for the parcel to arrive on Monday. This morning at 06:45 I was emailed by Amazon to say that HDNL will now deliver my Kindle on Tuesday. High five guys, big success. Meanwhile, James Cridland has pointed out that if I just nipped into the local Tesco superstore I could have picked one up in about 10 minutes.

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