Previously I wrote about using SMQueue to create some simple consumers and producers for message queues. I also wrote about setting up a high availability message store. In the case of a failure the message queue will turn the slave node into the master. Unfortunately the producer and consumer I created will forever try to reconnect to the now-dead ex-master node.

Using smqueue 0.1.0 (which was produced when I created the simple producer and consumer) it's trivial to add failover capabilities to the clients. Where the SMQueue instance is created simply add another key, secondary_host, to the configuration and point it to the second broker.

queue = SMQueue(
  :name => "/queue/numbers.ascending",
  :host => "",
  :secondary_host => "",
  :adapter => :StompAdapter

I think that the plan is to support more than two broker nodes and support for failover strategies into future versions of SMQueue.

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