I've interfaced one of my xmpp4r bots with the Xeriom Networks control panel. I had intended to write a post about it to show how easy it is, but I've been beaten to it. I can, however, offer one piece of advice that will stop the bot dying after a few hours of idling: periodically verify your database connections.

RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER.debug "Launching database connection verifier"
Thread.new do
  loop do
    sleep 1800 # Half an hour
    RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER.debug "Verifying database connections"

Adding the above code to a script will stop database connections getting dropped (or, at least, will reconnect them if it happens).

To see it in action, add support@xeriom.net to your XMPP roster and have a chat. It's not hugely intelligent, but it does support a few useful commands.

Update: the support bot is no longer running. It was fun, but not hugely useful in this context.

Love me!

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