I can't remember how, but recently I stumbled across the blog of Mike Davidson. There are plenty of interesting articles there, but the one that caught my eye was about people not using syndication feeds, visiting the blog every so often instead to consume new content.

There's a pretty good solution: add a message at the top of the page to explain that these resources are available and what they do. Well, I decided that it was about time I wrote a TextPattern plugin so I wrote one to implement his solution. To get it, clone from http://barkingiguana.com/~craig/syndication_notice.git using Git.

git clone http://barkingiguana.com/~craig/syndication_notice.git/

Installation is pretty much undocumented except here: change the TextPattern publish/rss.php and publish/atom.php scripts for correct feed integration (add ?source=feed to the end of each href). I'll get more detailed instructions into the next release if there's demand.

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